Annette Turnbull

I love the versatility of working with clay and particularly enjoy producing sculptural human forms and flat tiles, plaques and mosaics. Colour and texture are very important in my work and this is probably influenced by my other passion which is embroidery, both machine and hand techniques.

I have experimented quite extensively with combining the two mediums. I started by simply pressing fabrics and embroidered surfaces into the soft clay before and during construction and then went on to dipping threads and fabrics into liquid clay and using them to embellish my ceramic pieces.

I’m constantly trying new glazes and techniques to achieve the finish that I’ve envisaged in my mind’s eye. At the moment I’m working with the Majolica technique which involves a base coat of white tin glaze with coloured underglazes rubber stamped or painted on over the top. I’m finding the results quite satisfying in that I can achieve the bold colours that I love but with a more subtle sense of style.